About the Author

Marie Margarette Vergara or as her friends fondly call her EM, is a self-confessed bibliophile. She is a mom to a Five year old toddler named Terrence. She is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate. She is currently taking up BSIT in Wesleyan University-Philippines. She loves reading way too much. She prefer Paranormal Romance, Contemporary, Young Adult, and New Adult. She can actually finish a book without even feeling sleepy.

I have nothing much to say soooo.. I just copied my "about me" from my other blog for the mean time and added some corrections. LOL
Here goes nothing!

♥ Hi! I’m M.M.G.V.M.  twenty-two of age. 
- NO. Twenty SIX!
♥ I have a lot of nickies so you better choose from EM  Em-Em  Marie  Mayee  Dayemyem Emfhie  Empot  Margarette (but I much prefer EM).
- True enough.

 ♥ I love to shop. 
 ♥ I do love vintage fashion.  
- But I don't wear 'em okay?

♥ I heart Hello Kitty  and Marie Kitty  but I am afraid of cats  though.
- Still true.

-Yeah, but I just feel like I like RED now a days or black maybe. But I will always love pink of course.

♥  I am a bookworm  at heart. 
- Isn't it too much? LOL
♥ I do believe in fairy tales 
- I don't. Fairy tales are just illusions of those who are romantically challenged. I mean, it's really different in real life. Not that I don't read fairy tales anymore. I'm just being realistic. LOL
 ♥ My frustration is to see a mermaid someday.(that sounds crazy, right?) 
- Yeah, still true.
♥ I heart tamagotchies  I have lots of them. 
- And.. I lost 'em already. LOL
♥ Victoria’s secret  makes my world go around. 
- Hell no! Coffee does!

♥ I am addicted to Starbucks
-Uh, no. Technically, yes, but uh, no. I am addicted to coffee.
Oh gawd, my favorite Vanilla frappe..
-No. I like Caramel Macchiato! 
♥ I can’t live without my cellphone 
- Oh yes I can just please stay away from my devices 'kay?. Technically, I can't live without an internet connection and a device that tags along with it.

♥ Music is love 
- Still is. 
♥ I love Disney Channel  
-No I don't.
♥ I can talk over the phone for hours without giving me a headache 
♥ Pizzas , burgers  and fries  are my favorites. Cake  and Chocolates  are my weaknesses. 

♥ I am a certified camerawhore 
-Uh no. 
♥ “Dreamer”, that’s what I want to picture myself 
- Yeah. Still am.
 ♥ I was once a cheerleader  

♥ I am afraid of ghost  

♥ I live a very complicated life.  
-By complicated, you mean...?

♥ I am rebellious.  
♥ I do and get what I want. 
-Yes and no. You get what you want if you work hard for it, and NO because you can't have everything. How can I be so "LIKE THAT!" ?
♥ I have imperfections and liabilities and I do believe that someday, somehow I can outgrow  every inch of it. 
- You have somewhat outgrew some of it. Believe me. 

♥ I am a perfect imperfect that’s the exact words to describe me.  
-Yeah right!
♥ I have a wondrous friends  that never underestimated my character as a girl and as a person..
-Of course I have! And proud of 'em really! I love you guys! Are you reading this right now? I love you all!

♥ I truly believe in soulmates.